You CAN judge a book by its cover

Salep and Ginger went through many metamorphosis over the twelve months it took for me to publish but it’s biggest metamorphosis was the cover. For me personally the cover needs to not only be eye-catching but also to give the reader an idea of what the story was all about.

When it was time to commission my cover I looked at all the mainstream, best-selling, romantic comedies that were for sale at the time. Different stories, different ideas but they all had one consistent trend, an illustrated cover. I searched high and low for someone to design me the perfect cover and eventually I found someone that I was relatively happy with.

I know. It’s not great but it did give you an idea of what the story was going to be all about.

Hot guy? Check. Sure, he’s a shadow but he’s there.

Heroine? Check.

Istanbul? Maybe.

Winter? Check.

But after putting the cover up on Janey in Mersin for my readers to give me some feedback there was one clear consensus… they hated it.

So it was back to the drawing board.

I started looking at the more independent authors of contemporary or erotic fiction covers. One thing was very clear.

Hot guys! Naked. Or semi-naked. Sweat and grime is a bonus.

Oh. My. God! Yes, please!!!

And a new cover was born.

Sexy? Hell yes.

Istanbul? Absolutely. I mean just look at that sunset.

Half-naked guy? I thought so.

But according to my posse they thought my hot guy was in fact a girl. Ridiculous! Does he look like a girl to you?

Either way, I didn’t care.

It was now or never!

I was now a published author. Woo hoo!

But then I ran into problems. I couldn’t advertise. Not on any of the usual social media platforms and worse still I’d had complaints that my cover had offended people.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to publish a book? Not me that’s for sure.

It was back to the drawing board for the third… and hopefully final… time.

And I freaking love it.

It’s subtle but I think it tells a story and anyone who has ever been to Turkey will all tell you one thing… the sunsets are always exquisite. So for the third and hopefully final time we have…

Hot guy? Check.

Heroine? Check.

Sunset? Yep its there. And if you buy the paperback you will even see the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (or Blue Mosque) on the back.

It’s nearly time to release the cover for my next book, Pomegranates and Olive.

Hold on tight my friends. It’s on its way.

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